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June 9, 2024


 At the end of each year, the efforts from Yearbook class make the magic of the beloved yearbooks students and families get to keep forever. 

  Advisor Joseph Yutkins has been teaching this elective for 20 years. He has been at the head of the creation of this catalog of memories that continues to bring excitement and memories for graduates each year. 

  “It really is a lot of fun to see all the chosen pictures and get to look back on the year all in one book,” said senior Kaylie Ubaldo. 

  The creation of Masconomet’s memorable yearbooks is a process that tends to go unmentioned. The students behind the yearbook learn more than one might think. 

  “It’s a real-world project with a real budget. Students experience working within real deadlines, as well as times when it is slower paced,” said Yutkins.

  The class not only gains time management skills from their deadlines, but are also able to perform independently for it all to come together collaboratively. 

  “We work on collecting photos, sending emails, organizing surveys, and in the end, creating the yearbook itself. We divided the work between all of us, catering to everyone’s skills,” said senior Zach Morrill. 

  The yearbook class makes sure to take students up on their strengths, as everyone is able to contribute to different parts of the final product.

  “One group of students is collecting sports photos while another is creating pages and designs,” said Morrill. 

  Students find themselves laughing and amazed at the choices that go into the final yearbook, bringing back memories they may have forgotten about.

  “I really do forget some pictures that are taken, especially during basketball season, so it’s always funny to look at them for the first time in a while in the yearbook,” said senior Caroline Leire. 

  Inspiration for this class comes differently every year, and as new students join, they often bring new ideas to the table. 

  “The creation process is different each year. Sometimes we start the year knowing what the theme will be, and other times we don’t figure it out until midway through the year,” said Yutkins.

  The excitement felt as the yearbooks arrive is just the same for everyone in the yearbook class as it is for everyone outside of it. 

  “Creating the yearbook is a very fun and rewarding experience, and we are all very excited for people to see the final product,” said Morrill.

  Each year, students can expect a senior section including their senior squares and parent messages as well as an underclass section, sports page, electives and more.

  Many students feel buying the yearbook each year is always worth it.

  “It is like a time capsule. After bringing it home it may sit without being opened for a while, but I always end up looking through it at some point and enjoying the memories,” said senior Riley Campbell. 

  What seems to make the yearbook the most significant is having a physical object to commemorate the year.

  “In the future I hope that we continue to create a physical book. So many other publications have become digital, but there’s something about holding an actual book that you can refer to when you hear that a former classmate is getting married or has made it big,” said Yutkins. 

  Taking the yearbook class gives students not only a chance at being a part of something for the school, but also a chance to improve personal interest skills.

  “I have learned more ways to work and communicate within a group, but also I’ve really improved my graphic design skills,” said Morill. 

 Becoming a part of Yearbook class is a worthy and rewarding experience.   

  “I would recommend this class to students who want to create something for the whole school to see, students who want to practice and improve on graphic design skills, and those who are able to work well in a group setting and want to be a part of a team,” said Morill. 

  Being a part of this team will be remembered for a long time for students, allowing them to show their individual accomplishments within the yearbook and carry with them the learned techniques through the rest of high school and beyond.

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