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Masco Buddies and Masco Hockey Team (@mascobuddies)

   Masco Buddies played their annual after-school street hockey game in the field house. 

  Masco Buddies and the hockey team have partnered together for a second year to play a fun and inclusive hockey game.

  “The game started because we already had a bunch of players who were in Masco Buddies, including at least one who is an advisor in the program, and so it made sense,” said Boepple.

This year, the game was set up by Varsity Hockey coach Andrew Boepple. 

I was the one to reserve the space and talk to Ms. Lambert, but the inspiration for it was that we already had so many players involved in the program and it just made sense to do something fun and get involved,” said Boepple.

  Boepple and his team also set up the structure of the game as well. 

  “It depends on the number of people we have. Last year we had skills stations and we played a game; this year we had fewer people, so we decided to play a game and do a fun shootout at the end. We do what makes sense and what the kids think will be fun,” said Boepple.

  Boepple, who is in his second year as head coach, is dedicated to promoting inclusivity on his team and in the Masco community.

“Mr. Boepple is one to make an inclusive environment for his students, and he wants his team to have the same message and be a representation for the inclusive place that Masco is,” said Masco Buddies advisor Kylie Lambert.

  The players on Masco’s hockey team have taken Boepple’s message of inclusivity to heart.

  “Playing this game shows the importance of inclusivity and working together as a team. Everyone was very open to showing the buddies how to pass, shoot and other basic mechanics to win the game,” said senior defenseman Evan O’Heir.  “Overall, it was a really good way to bring the team closer together and bond with each other in a way that we usually don’t do,” said O’Heir.

  For the Buddies playing in the event, they have a great time.

  “The Buddies get a sense of happiness from these events, especially with your younger crowds in the middle school. They’re laughing, they are able to have many great social interactions,” said Lambert.

 The student leaders in the club agree with Lambert, that these interactions are important for the entire school community.

  “I think it’s super important for both the buddies and the hockey team members to learn or teach how to play hockey and to be able to be a part of a team like that,” said Masco Buddies Vice President Katie Lindsay.

  The hockey team views the game as a unique experience. 

  “The most rewarding thing was just spending time with the kids. It was good to interact and play hockey with them,” said O’Heir.

  For Lambert, seeing the hockey team interact with the buddies in this setting is special.

“All of the hockey players were very accepting and were very happy to be at the event, hanging out with the buddies and teaching them skills. It helped them see the world through a different lens,” said Lambert. 

  For the Masco Community as a whole, having many events like these help the whole school community grow.

  “Whenever we partner with a sports team or the drama club or any other club, it allows Masco community members to see the world through someone who has a different view where it might be harder for them to do different things,” said Lambert. “So it’s very rewarding for them also to take a mom

ent to step back and realize that life is about giving back to those who might need a little bit more,” said Lambert.

  This event has been an extremely valuable experience for Boepple.

“After doing the event for the first time we just enjoyed it so much and it is something that the players really look forward to. One thing we were able to do this year was to invite the Masco Buddies group that came to the event to come to a home game,” said Boepple.

  In the future, Boepple is hoping that the event continues to grow.

  I’m hoping that each year the event continues to grow and it’s something that people look forward to and that we can keep the connection between Masco Buddies and the hockey team growing.”


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