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  As the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve, people around the world started a new beginning with the tradition of making New Year’s resolutions. For many years, people have made resolutions that involve setting personal goals and aspirations for the upcoming year, aiming for self-improvement, growth, and positive change. While the intention behind New Year’s resolutions is admirable, they are not for the weak, as many people’s goals or improvements in their lives don’t last long. 

The possibilities for New Year’s resolutions are endless. For example, they can be something very general in one’s everyday life that needs improvement. 

  “My New Year’s resolution is to get more sleep. I think oftentimes, you’ll feel a lot better when you’re well-rested. You wake up and you are ready to go, feel all ready to go for the day you know saying ‘I feel good, let’s get after it,’” said sophomore John Green. 

  Green, like many other Masco students, is looking to get stuff on his agenda done early so he has the rest of his night for his pleasure and can go to bed at an earlier time. 

   “I’m just going to focus more on homework and to just get it done early,” he said. “You shouldn’t be up late doing that and you don’t want to waste time when doing your homework so you get it done efficiently and quickly and then once you’re done with that you have free time the rest of the night.” 

  The more sleep an individual gets, the healthier and more productive they’ll be, leading to more sleep to be a very common goal for the new year. 

  New Year’s resolutions can also be more specific aspects of life that were issued in the previous year and need fixing in the new year. 

  “I need to be more organized, I mean look at my desk. My first step is to get it clean and my second step would be each day slowly putting things away where they need to be, so it doesn’t pile up on my desk. I also would like to organize my room as well and my clothing at home needs some work,” said business teacher Madison Estes. 

  Organization is something almost everyone has struggled with at one point or another and it’s not easy to stay organized in every aspect of life. However, eliminating messy desks or closets is very manageable and totally a reachable goal for 2024. 

  Many people strive to enhance their character as well. 

  “I want to be more empathetic towards others,” said sophomore Danny Karas. “ I just believe I should be nice to others and no one should talk bad about anyone, especially behind peoples’ backs, and it’ll pay off. I want to keep the trait of being kind present.”  

  This is a common resolution, as many struggle with empathy because it’s hard to ever truly know what one is going through or how one feels.

Embracing New Year’s resolutions can lead to positive change. Renewed motivation, setting clear goals, and having support from others all play a role in making these resolutions successful.



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